1770s Linen waistcoat

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1770s Linen waistcoat
Date 1770-1789
Category Men
Item Waistcoat
Fabric Linen
Decoration Embroidery, Buttons
Wearer -
Maker -
Acc. no. HC.W-11.96-2

1770-1780 A linen waistcoat.

The waistcoat mounted


The ivory linen has embroidered decoration, 1¼" wide, in chain stitch, round the edges of the foreparts. A wavy line in silver filé, now tarnished, has sprigs in green silk and little flowers in pale pink with crimson centres.

There are twelve buttons and buttonholes down the front; the buttons are covered with silk embroidered quatrefoils, and the buttonholes are outlined in silver filé and green silk but the inside edges have not been well finished and are fraying.

The pockets on each forepart have a wavy line with sprigs below the flaps, as well as on the flaps, which are outlined in silver filé with green sprigs.

The back of the waistcoat is linen and so is the lining. The centre back seam is open for 6½" at the bottom, and the sides open for 5¾".

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